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Frequently Asked Questions

1. A couples massages have to be the same service?

Answer policy #9

2. Can I bring my service dog to the massage room? (Polk)

Your service animals are welcome as long as you pay proper care to them, respect other people's sessions, and make the environment as quiet and sanitary as a spa should be.

3. Can I bring my child to wait for me inside the massage room? (Taylor, WNC)

 Answer Policy #8

4. I live in another state. Can I buy a gift card online? (Taylor, Polk, WNC) 

We regret to inform you that our gift certificates can only be acquired in person at the store during regular business hours.

5. I want to book a message for my mom. Can I pay over the phone? (Taylor, Polk, WNC)

Acceptance of payment over the phone is limited to same-day appointments only. **Must inform the customer that if they pay over the phone, the person who comes in for a massage must sign the receipt as evidence of payment. Also, kindly ask whether or not they wish to include tips in the payment. Kindly ask for their email/phone number so that you may send a photo of the receipt as confirmation.

Gift Certificate payments cannot be made over the phone; customers must make their purchases in person.

6. Do you have a shower room?


Currently, we do not have access to a shower facility; however, we can provide you with a warm, damp towel to wipe off.

WalNut Creek / SAN MATEO

A shower room is available upon request in advance. Please let the receptionist know before your session if you need to use the shower room after the massage.

7. Where can I park? Do you have a parking area?

Most people park on the street or in a nearby parking garage. We do not offer parking.

8. I want to book a couple of massages online. What do I have to do?

Answer Policy #9

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