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1. Arrival to Your Massage

Please arrive for your appointment at least 5 - 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. This allows time to fill out an intake form, change, and prepare for the service. All massages have a specific time schedule and early arrival allows for a relaxed and unhurried experience.


2. Late Arrival Policy

We regret that late arrivals may not receive an extension of scheduled appointments. If late arrival is inevitable, your service(s) will be shortened in order to keep on schedule. No

full or partial refunds will be given. Note also if it looks like you are going to run late

please call the office and let us know

3. Cancellation Policy

Please provide at least 2 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel a treatment. This is out of respect to the therapist who has planned their schedule around their appointments. It is also out of respect for fellow clients who are looking to schedule appointments and the schedule is full.

4. No Show Policy

We understand that unanticipated events occur in everyone’s life. Unforeseen events such as car problems, business meetings, and children’s illnesses, are just a few reasons why one might consider canceling a massage appointment. However, We ask that you call if you cannot keep your appointment. Clients who fail to show for appointments without any notice will be blocked from future bookings

5. Scope of Practice

We are licensed professionals and held to the highest standards by Associated

Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) . We do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. We may refer you to a medical doctor for diagnosis. Our services are not intended as an alternative for proper medical attention for specific conditions.

6. Respect for Client Needs, Boundaries and Right to Reject Service

We are happy to adjust pressure, temperature, musical volume, or work longer on an area or move on if you request it. Please kindly inform your massage therapist.

The client may choose to: leave on as much clothing as needed for comfort; refuse any massage methods; or stop massage within the first 15 minutes. The session won’t be charged if canceled within the first 15 minutes, and we will try our best to switch to another therapist to continue the session for you.

The client will always be modestly draped. Only the area being massaged will be

undraped. Sexual interaction or discussion of any kind between the client and the

massage therapist is NEVER appropriate. The session will be terminated immediately

and the client will be responsible for full payment.

7. Existing and New Medical Conditions

It is the responsibility of the client to keep us informed of any medical treatment

currently being taken and to provide written permission from the physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, allergies, pregnant, etc. that the massage may be continued. If you are pregnant, a prenatal massage treatment is only available after you have completed your first trimester (twelve weeks).

8. Minors / Children

We kindly request that visitors abstain from bringing minors to the spa, since this

measure is intended to preserve the serene atmosphere. The responsibility of

monitoring the actions of a young person is with the adult aged 18 or above.

We will only perform massages on minors who are older than 16 years old with signed consent from a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must be present before, during, and at the end of the session.


9. Couples Massage session

A couples massage does not have to be the same service, but it must be the same

duration. It will be first come, first served in the same room, however, we will do

our best to arrange a couples massage in the same room.

If you make an appointment over the phone/in person, please specify that you want a couple of massages so that we may reserve two spots at the same time for you.

If you book an appointment online through the Mindbody website or app, you must book two appointments: one for yourself and one for the other person. Our team will contact you to confirm your appointment.

10. Valuable items

If possible, refrain from bringing your jewelry and personal belongings to the spa, as you will not need them for any part of the session. It is important that you do not leave such items in treatment areas if you carry them.

11. What to wear

We provide fully clothed services during all traditional Thai massage sessions. For

additional sessions, we supplied robes, towels, and blankets. Please do not hesitate to seek assistance from our staff if you require an additional towel, robe, or blanket.

12. Gift certificate

Our gift certificates can only be acquired in person at the store during regular business hours, are non-refundable, and must be presented at the time of service.

Gift certificates that have been misplaced, destroyed, or stolen are not refundable or replaceable. At the time of sale, gift certificates may be redeemed for the monetary value of the service.

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